A fast and easy (and free!) way to communicate to customers. Via Trebbly.

Communication has always been essential, from building client relationships to branding, driving footfall or creating sales. Right now, as we navigate a global health crisis, it’s safe to say communication has never been more important.

But easy as it sounds, it’s, well, not easy. From email to social media, SMS or app notification, it takes time to manage multiple channels. And it costs. Whether you are subscribing to a mail service, sending bulk SMS, or have it as part of your system package, it costs.

That’s why we are committed to providing you with a communication service within our product, that makes it easier, faster and overall a bit more fun, to reach your customer’s in-between visits, via multiple platforms, from one handy place. One login, one piece of communication, distributed by us to many different platforms.

So what platforms do we offer?

Currently, you can sync Trebbly with Facebook, Google and Instagram, as well as DM via email and app notification. So that’s:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Email
  • App notification
  • Trebbly platform

Login at My.Trebbly.com to connect your accounts.

Great, how do I get it?

You can use My.Trebbly.com to manage your Trebbly experience, create posts, get stats, manage member points & more.

  • Visit My.Trebbly.com and login with your business details
  • First, visit “Menu” and “Settings” to connect your social profiles
  • Then, to create a post, tap “Create a Post” & follow the steps
  • Once complete, tap “Share” and select the platforms you wish to share to

Here’s a peek

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