Hair and beauty businesses, we’ve got you

We help promote businesses, so you can get on with running yours.

“What a lifesaver!”
A Customer

“Great results”
A Customer

“Now, it just gets done”
A Customer

“What a lifesaver!”
A Customer

“Great results”
A Customer

“Now, it just gets done”
A Customer

We’ve delivered 1000’s campaigns to over 150,000 customers and sent 1,000,000’s emails.

See what our customers have to say.

You deserve to let the world know about the great things you offer.

You are the beating heart of your business, working tirelessly to ensure your customers get the best experience. Bravo!

But with so much to do, you must feel there are not enough hours in the day.  It’s no surprise that the non-urgent tasks such as promoting your business get put off to tomorrow. 

But it can’t wait!

You ought to have a spare pair of hands!

We’ve got you. We help promote businesses, so you can get on with running yours.

Consider us the latest addition to your team.

We cover all those weekly/monthly customer broadcasts, promotions and client updates, that you know you need to get done, and it falls to you to do it. 

With Trebbly, winning ideas get curated, great content created and engaging promotions delivered to your customers.

We ensure it gets done. And we do it today, not tomorrow.

Trebbly is a great way to create sales, boost footfall and deliver outstanding service updates.

Here’s how we do it

Right after you join, our marketing team are on your side to get those important promotions or client updates built and out the door as you need them.

We’ll get to work right away and help you get set up and create your first customer update.

We’ve access to thousands of promotions that work, so we’ll help with what to say and when to say it.

Our marketing team will create content for you, provide images and write copy.

We deliver your message to customers. We specialise in direct messaging, such as email, app notification and SMS because that’s the most effective way to reach the phones and inboxes of customers. We’ll also publish your content on the major social channels, Facebook, Instagram and Google.

You’ve got unlimited access to the very same system we use so you can self-serve and use our content to create and deliver updates to customers 24/7, plus manage all of the promotions and client updates that have been created and delivered.

All of this for less than £5 per week.
What are you waiting for?

Already have a system? No problem. Trebbly works perfectly alongside all major software systems.

We do not send appointment reminders or auto-email. Your software does that well. Instead, we cover those weekly/monthly customer broadcasts and promotions that you need to get done and it falls to you to do it.

Read about our results including one customer who achieved 10x from just one promotion.

“£450 pounds from just one promotion!”
A Customer

“Instant response from customers”
A Customer

“Always a fast
A Customer

Ready? We’ll take it from here.

Select your plan & we’ll activate your 15-day free trial.

Get instant access to our marketing platform, the very same system our marketing team uses.

We’ll help you create and send your first promotion or client update.

Select your plan to get started

We’ve made sure there’s a plan for any business

  • A great place to start if you want to self-serve. You’ve got 24/7 access to the very system our marketing team uses to source content, build campaigns and promote to customers.
Lifesaver PLUS
  • The right choice for absolute peace of mind. Our team are on hand to get your promotion out the door every week.
  • Team assisted promotions: Monthly

All plans include

Everything you need under one roof to create promotions & client updates:

Promotions library

3 million images and text combinations

Direct messaging: Email, SMS & App notification


Seasonal events

Content builder

Social media: Google, Facebook & Instagram

Customer mobile app

All prices + VAT

Plus. Get the Trebbly Loyalty app

We believe in the power of engaged customers. In fact, our loyalty app is where the Trebbly journey started. Add our rewards programme (optional) to your customer’s experience and watch the engagement grow. They’ll love it. And reward you for it. 150,000 customers can’t be wrong.

Select any of the above plans and add our loyalty app for just £39 extra. (Normally £59).  Plus setup fee of £299 + for our touch screen device (iPad) and 250 branded key tags.

Got a question? We’re happy to help.

Our team are by your side and happy to answer your question, provide a full demo or make recommendations for the right plan that’s going to help your business.