How to create and send a marketing post to multiple channels in under 60 seconds

Under 60 seconds you say, to multiple channels. Yup, that’s right, and here’s how.

Trebbly is designed specifically for the busy business owner, manager, and staff, who dedicate their focus to dealing with customers, on the front line, face to face.

We get that there’s little room left for marketing across multiple platforms. It’s time-consuming to source images, write content in several apps and send to different channels. Email by itself can take an age, right?

And so that’s why we have created the suite of Trebbly products that plug a little of that gap.

It’s the reason our reward program is in the hands of the customer – let them handle their experience, via the touch screen device or app.

And it’s the reason we’ve created a way to produce and deliver marketing content in under 1 minute, to multiple channels.

Last-minute availability, a seasonal offer, an update for your new opening hours. It’s all possible with the My Trebbly business app. Create your content in a flash using the step-by-step wizard and then deliver, “in a tap” via direct message (email & app notification), to the Trebbly platform, and post directly to your business pages at Google, Facebook, Instagram.

Follow these steps to create & send your first post

  1. Login at with your Trebbly business details
  2. Ensure your social media profiles are connected. Tap “menu” & “settings” & connect each one
  3. Now, ‘Create a post’ – add a title, description & select from the 2 million + images in the library
  4. Finally, to deliver, simply select the channels you want to share your post to & tap “send”
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