Diary – the home to all your promotions

This Diary offers a fast and easy way to access and organise all of your promotions.

There are 3 stages of promotions;

  • Draft: If you save before sending, we’ll show them at the top. You can choose to delete or edit and send.
  • Scheduled: When you schedule a post for a later date, we’ll show it in the month it’s scheduled for. You can make any changes you like up to that time. Once it’s sent, it moves to published.
  • Published: All promotions that you have sent to clients are here. You cannot edit or delete a published promotion, it’s been sent now.

Making changes

If you want to edit or delete a promotion, you can do this easily when the promotion is either Draft or Scheduled. Simply tap the promotion and follow the steps.

If the promotion is Published you cannot make changes. If however, you realise you need to make a change or want to remove it, then please contact us and we will see what can be done. But note, if it’s been sent by direct message, it cannot be recalled. If it is been posted to your social pages, then you can edit or delete it directly on your page, such as by logging in to Facebook.

Create again

If you would like to re-create a promotion, or you simply need to send it again (by a different service maybe), then you can easily create it again.

If you tap the promotion and CREATE AGAIN, this will load the Canvas and retrieve all information ready-to-go. Follow the steps to schedule, save or send.


Sometimes we see errors in the delivery of a Scheduled message. For example, if you have scheduled a promotion for a later date and before that date you disconnect your social media connections, it will Error. We will track this and show on the promotion if we expect an error, or had an error. If we experience an error our team is notified and we will contact you.

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