Promote content

Choose how you want to promote to your customers, and when.


Tap the icons to select the ways in which you want to promote to your customers.

  • Direct messaging: Choose email, SMS and/or app notification. We recommend all for the right impact to ensure your customers get the message in two powerful ways.
  • SMS: Charges apply.
  • Social media: Choose from Facebook, Instagram or Google. We recommend posting to all pages as a way to support your promotion, ensuring that the user has in total 5 different ways they can find your message.


Decide when you want to deliver your update.

  • Send immediately: Choose this if you are ready to go. Tap publish, sit back, and our postman takes care of the delivery.
  • Schedule for later: Select a date and time in the future to schedule your promotions to go ahead of time. Our postman will take care of delivery at the time you choose.
  • Save draft: Save for later. Find it in your Diary.


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