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In just one page here we’ve pulled together everything you need to create great content.

You can choose to start with a blank form or select a recipe from the library or Events tab.

  • Start with blank: If you select this option, we’ll load a blank canvas for you to build your own promotional content.
  • Use Recipes, from the library or events: If you start with a recipe, the canvas includes content that’s been pre-selected by our content system. You can spin through the images and text to select the content that’s right for you.

We build the update in the following sections:-


There are 4 great ways to select an image:

  • Handpicked: Find pre-selected images for the different types of promotions you can create.
  • Stock: Search over 3 million images you can use for free when used in this Trebbly app.
  • Upload own: Have an image you’ve created? No problem, upload it here and we’ll save it for you in your library.
  • My library: When you save a promotion, we’ll store all your own images here for easy access.


If you start with a blank canvas, go ahead and write your own content.

If you select a recipe, tap the ‘spin’ function to scroll through example content. If you select recipe content, you can make any edits before you save it.

The title is used for impact, so create a striking headline. And use an emoji, it works.

We then add this to the description to create your full content.

Add a link

We provide several ways for you to include a link so that your client can take action from your promotion.

  • Trebbly checkout: If you use this option we will add a “claim” link so that your customers can claim a promotion. No money is taken and we will email you a confirmation of the customer details when they do this. This is a great way to track customer intent and turn into sales.
  • Book online: If you have an online booking link, we’ll show it here. It’s then super easy for you to select a booking link for your promotions, which links directly to your booking system.
  • Website: Here you can add any link of your choosing. It could be your website, or an online form or survey. Any link is fine. Just add a name/call such as ‘Visit this form’, and the web link.


Promotions should not typically be indefinite. So, add an end date.  We will show this to the customer, which can work in your favour by encouraging them to take action before the expiration. You can also add a start date if the promotion starts in the future.

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