Connecting services

This is the place to be for connecting the different services.

Direct Messaging

We handle this for you and connect you to our Email service and App Notification service. This means you can send direct messages to your client’s inbox and phone with ease.

Social Media

For Google, Facebook and Instagram we need you to provide authorisation to post to your page.

We provide a way to connect to your page. Simply tap the CONNECT button and follow the steps to login and provide authorisation. But note:

  • We need all permissions, please ensure you tick all boxes during the process. That’s the same for Google, Facebook and Instagram.
  • For Instagram, you must have a business account, not a creator account. You can easily change this in the Instagram app.
  • Also, you must have an Instagram account connected to your Facebook login. You can do this in Facebook.
  • For Google, you need to have a Google login that has ownership over your Google My Business page.

All the permissions you will be asked to provide are required for us to be able to post to your page. We cannot and would never post to your page without your consent.

Trebbly App

You can find Trebbly on the web, mobile and in the App store / Google play store.

This platform is used to host all your promotions and update. So, if you send out a message to your customers, we can link to a page that offers full details.

When you join Trebbly, our team create your profile for you.

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