Loyalty Rewards

Here you can find all of your rewards, keep track of the number of clients you have joined, and discover which rewards are most popular.


You can find here every reward that was created.

  • Ended: That’s rewards that expired. We never delete, we expire instead so you can keep the record.
  • Paused: We can pause rewards so that they do not show to clients.
  • Active: Here you can see the rewards available to your clients, and the number of orders created by clients.


Your set of rewards are bespoke to you and flexible, so you can make changes when you like.

We recommend freshening things up for clients from time to time. It’s a great way of providing renewed value, building engagement and delivering a delightful service.

When making changes, here are a few great things to consider;

  • If you have new services or products you want to promote, include them in your reward ladder. If you make them the first item or two, that can really help to create sales.
  • Try to include items for your customers to try, that can turn into repeat sales. It might be that you offer high-value services or products that are not so common, but your clients would love and repeat on once they get a taste.
  • Consider how you might be able to get a new customer or two. Include a reward for a “new friend” for example, that will tempt the client to bring a friend.
  • An upgrade always works well – get the full payment for a usual service and include a luxury upgrade as a reward. You might even create repeat sales from that.
  • And lastly, include one or two cash items to customers, but ensure that they are for higher points., Clients will want to save up for that, but that’s only great if they are repeating along the way.

Our team can help you with this. To make changes, tap REQUEST CHANGE and let us know your thoughts and we’ll get in touch.

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