Track your customer reviews

Here you can see all of your reviews from three different platforms.

Trebbly reviews are always showing here. To see Facebook and Google, you just need to connect your pages. tap platforms from the menu and follow the steps.

Google / Facebook reviews

We link directly to your Google and Facebook pages for customers to leave a review. You can find those links on our web, mobile and app platforms. These are handy links, as it makes it easy for your clients to leave a review. And it’s even easier for those users who have the Trebbly mobile app.

You can also use our library to create a promotion and gain new reviews by asking your customers. Give it a try!

Trebbly reviews

Customers can leave a review for you from the Trebbly touch screen loyalty iPad app in your store. They simply check-in and follow the steps.

We publish your reviews on the Trebbly web and mobile platform for customers to discover in online searches. Also, they are often found as a link in your Google business page. We cannot control this as Google determine which platforms they show, but we are often there. Try it – search for your business on Google and see the “My business/map” section on the right.


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