Send to Trebbly members, or all your users in Salon IQ

You can choose which clients you send your email or SMS to.

Here’s a short video showing you how this works.


How to choose

  • Select Trebbly members, if you want to send to all of the members of your Trebbly loyalty program
  • Or, select Salon IQ database, if you want to send to all or some of your users via Salon IQ, and tap the client selection you wish wish to send to

Salon IQ Client Selection

  • We connect to your Salon IQ Client Selection so that you can choose the clients to send to
  • You need to setup the Client Selection in Salon IQ first, then you can select this in Trebbly (if its newly created, press refresh in Trebbly to see it
  • Please note we will only ever send to the salon you are managing in My Trebbly. If you are a group with multiple salons, you need to do each individually.

If you need help with this, ask a Salon IQ rep, or feel free to ask us and we will see if we can help.


Sending via Salon IQ, and costs

  • We will connect to your Salon IQ system to send
  • Salon IQ will deliver the Email or SMS
  • Y0u will be charged by Salon IQ at your normal price for SMS or Email
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