Loyalty & review settings

Here you can find a few different settings related to your loyalty app and reviews.

Join Form

We recommend you promote your Trebbly loyalty platform and this join form is a great way for your users to take action and sign up, from anywhere.

You might want to create a page on your website and include a link to this form. Or, create an update here in this app and send it to customers and include the link. Or post on your socials.

The great thing about this link is that the client can join from the comfort of their home, before an appointment.

Loyalty Points

Here you can see the points you are offering your clients, for a visit, or for joining, for example.

If you would like to change any of these points, we can do that for you. Simply tap REQUEST CHANGE and our team will look after that.


We promote your review pages from our Trebbly mobile app. We make it easy by including a direct link. This is a great way for clients to leave a review with you on Google or Facebook.

What you can see are the links we use. Please double-check for accuracy and let us know if you need to change that.

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