Four fabulous ideas for Father’s Day that any hair and beauty business can promote right now



It’s Father’s Day on June 19th, and what better way to find new customers and tap into the valuable male grooming market, than by running a targeted promotion for your business?

The market for male grooming is booming in the UK, and even the most macho of Dads can’t say no to a nice massage, a luxe haircut or some lovely products on his bit of the bathroom shelf. Yet, it’s a niche that a lot of health and beauty businesses fail to market effectively. Men are great customers – they are extremely loyal when they find something that they love and can be a real asset to your business, so it pays to not ignore them when it comes to your marketing.  

So what are you waiting for?  Here are four fabulous ideas to boost your sales this Father’s Day that any hair and beauty business can do right now.

1. Sell gift sets for a perfect Father’s Day present

Gift sets make perfect Father’s Day presents! And what better way to introduce customers to your products?

While most manufacturers offer these for resale, if you don’t have any, make your own – package up some of your best unisex or male treatment retail items with some nice cellophane and run a promotion to your customers as the perfect gift for Dad.

2. Bring Dad along and save £££

If Dad’s the type to be reluctant to go it alone, why not offer customers a discount if they bring someone along and let them have some Dad and son or daughter time together at your place?

This can be a great idea to win a new customer or two. For example, you could offer greater savings if Dad has never visited before.

3. Gift Cards make great gifts (and sales!).

If you offer Gift Cards, this is a great time to create some sales. (And if you don’t, is it time to start?). We know they can also generate new customers. Perfect.

You can sell straight, or offer a top-up such as pay £30 and get £35. 

Let him choose the time and service to suit him with a gift card – the perfect last-minute gift to promote to your customers. 

4. Create a package he’ll find hard to resist.

He deserves it, of course. Seasonal events such as Father’s Day offer a perfect opportunity to boost average revenue with packages that’ll be sure to tempt him (and maybe a son or daughter too!).

So go ahead and bundle up some suitable services or treatments into a discounted package offer. (This is also a great way to help him to discover the thing that he’ll keep coming back to you for). 

You can find all of these ideas and more, ready and waiting to be sent in your new My Trebbly.  Login or contact us to learn more.

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