Do you want to …

👏 START rewarding with products & services and put money back into your till

👏 STOP giving cashback away with your existing loyalty and save up to £2000

👏 Increase client spending with new upsell, cross-sell and promotion opportunities.

If YES ‼️… find out how a Client Loyalty Engagement System can benefit your business…

💫 Offer – join today from only £39 / mo

Do you find that loyalty is not working for you?…

Maybe you are?…

Losing £££ with ‘cashback’ rewards, such as ‘5th haircut free’ or 5% kickback.

Frustrated because your clients deserve a better experience.

Realising you get nothing back from your existing stamp or cashback system.

Wanting to make a change but not sure how or to what.

Well, this could be costing you thousands of pounds from your bottom line in unnecessary cashback giveaways. Read on to find out how you can save up to £2000.

What if you had a way to save ££ and make £££ from a new loyalty solution?…


You’ve got a new way to reward with Products & Services, so the money goes back to your till.

You’re generating extra spend, by using rewards to tempt your clients to try something new, cross-sell or upgrade a treatment.

You could have 5 or 10 rewards bespoke to you, that help to promote your range of Products & Services.

You can save up to £2000 by not giving away cashback.

With rising costs and clients considering visiting less, there’s no better time than NOW to shake up your existing loyalty solution and get something your clients will LOVE.

That’s why hundreds of salon owners choose the Trebbly Client Loyalty Engagement System.

Sarai Hair and Beauty

TOCA Salon Group

Hare and Bone, Esher & Fitzrovia

Hair by Elements & Urban Spa

Want to see the Client Loyalty Engagement System in action? The best way is to book a no-obligation demo with our team.

💫 Offer – join today for only £39 / mo 

Combine Loyalty with these 3 powerful Marketing features and get the Client Attraction System for just £20 a month extra.

1. Content

Stuck for ideas? Not here. Select from hundreds of templates and ideas for seasonal event promotions. We’ll even provide images and text ideas to get you started.

2. Build

Short on time to get marketing out the door? Let us pick up the slack. Create promotions or client updates in minutes using the Trebbly platform.

3. Promote

Stop wasting time with multiple platforms. Reach clients direct to their inbox or on social media at the tap of a button. includes

  • Mobile app marketing notifications
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Social media (Post to Google, Facebook & Instagram)



Client Loyalty engagement system

✔️ Loyalty app – touch screen & mobile app
✔️ Mobile app notification marketing

💫 £59 (save 24%)

Client Attraction System

✔️ Loyalty app – touch screen & mobile app
✔️ Mobile app notification marketing
✔️ Content library & promotion builder
✔️ Email marketing
✔️ SMS marketing
✔️ Social media
✔️ Return on Spend Tracking
💖 Bonus £100 voucher to spend on SMS


Managed Marketing Service

✔️ Everything in the Client Attraction System

✔️ Campaigns created monthly by our team

Prices are monthly +VAT. Setup fee £299 – includes ipad/app and branded key tags. This is optional – use own iPad or opt out of loyalty.

Ready to find out more?

Here’s how our team will get you started and show you how to setup rewards so you can save £2000 on your cashback system

Book a demo.

We can’t wait to show you how it works. Book a no-obligation demo and one of the team will be in touch.

Launch to your clients.

Once you join, our team will help you build fantastic, bespoke rewards for your business. We’ll even walk you through sending your first campaign.


Enjoy a new way to get engage clients and get more marketing out the door & clients spending more.

💫 Offer – join today for only £39 / mo

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