How you can build a promotion in under 60 seconds today


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We understand that creating promotions that work, consistently, weekly even, is demanding on our time and resources.

As a result, that important update, you know the one that will help your business win customers or make sense, rarely gets done.

We get it. And that’s why we brought together all the parts that go into creating a great promotion under one roof and packaged them up so that you can build in under 60 seconds today.

Follow these steps to see for yourself;

  1. Start with inspiration. Select a promotion recipe from the Library or an Event.
  2. Build your content. Combine images + text from our ready-prepared selection.
  3. Choose how to promote. We recommend combining direct messaging channels, Email + app notification, as well as posting directly to your social pages.
  4. Schedule for a time that suits. Send immediately, save draft or schedule in advance.


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