How to deliver a message to your clients by Email or App Notification, in a tap



So, you’ve created your content, great. And now you want to promote it. But how do you get it to your clients in the best way so they actually see it?

We recommend a powerful combination of Email and App Notification.

We believe in the power of these direct messaging channels so much. Simply, it’s where the results are. If you can get your message to the inbox or phone of your clients directly, that speaks for itself.  And this doubling up on a direct message ensures that your clients really get the message. (So to speak!)

However, typically this activity is out of reach of most businesses. With email, you have to navigate some clunky systems and processes. And app notification, well, it’s just not that readily available.

With Trebbly you can do both. Easily. We do the hard work in the background and all you have to do is tap a button. That’s right, just one button.

Here’s how to deliver a message to your clients by Email or App Notification, in a tap

  1. First, create your content. This article covers that.
  2. Now, select the ways you want to promote. Choose Email and SMS. (You can also choose Social Media, but that’s covered in another article).
  3. Tap the button to send. We’ll take care of delivery in the background.
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