” Trebbly gives customers another reason to come in. “

Hi, my name is Jackie Coleman.  I’ve been in the hair and beauty business now for over 38 years, and we’ve been in business in Bishop’s Stortford for coming up to 18 years where we now live. We have a hair salon called Hair by Elements. And we have a day spa called The Skin Clinic at Urban Spa Beauty.

Trebbly is an amazing reward system that we work with at the moment. We believe in rewarding our guests and we for many years have tried different things such as stamps. One of the problems we found was that we could not easily manage or monitor.

But with Trebbly, it was like a breath of fresh air. The system is digital and bespoke to our business. The customer can choose where and when to spend points, save them up or redeem them. A customer earns points for each visit, or you can earn points for sharing our business, or leaving a review.

For us in particular, it’s fantastic because we can cross-market with The Skin Clinic. So we can say if you have 120 points, you can get a voucher for the skin clinic, or vice-versa.

Overall Trebbly has just been a great way of saying thank you and giving guests another reason to come in. And actually, if it’s on his or her phone, they’re not worried about a card or stamp or anything.

Watch the full interview with Jackie at the salon, Hair by Elements ->

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