Get a Gold Medal Marketing Service with support from a team of marketing specialists who will help you promote your business and get your marketing out the door with great results.

The trouble is – promoting your business takes valuable time away from the floor and means marketing is often put off to tomorrow. But it can’t wait – if you are not connecting with customers regularly and consistently, then you are missing out on profitable marketing opportunities and losing sales every month.

GET support from a team of marketing specialists to help you get marketing out the door consistently and regularly, and enjoy these fantastic benefits;

Help from a team who have sent 1000s campaigns and will share with you what works

Get better results – create sales, drive footfall and deliver outstanding customer service

Gain more time to focus on looking after your customers and running the business

Our Gold Medal Marketing Service includes everything from our 4 part plan to ensure you get the support you need from us.

Personalised Promotion Plans – our team will create tailored plans for your business, ensuring you always have 3-months of promotions or client updates ready to go.

Help from our team of marketing specialists – we are on hand to help you deliver your Personalised Promotion Plans and ensure you get at least one great promotion out the door every month.

Get exclusive access to our weekly Promotion Insights delivered to your inbox with the tips & prompts you need to ensure you never miss a promotion opportunity again.

Enjoy free unlimited 24/7 access to our Business Promotion Platform where you can create content, deliver messages and track results.

Find out what our CEO feels is the most effective form of marketing for salon owners in this 30-second podcast clip

Ready to get started?

Get the Gold Medal Marketing service and unlock instant support for your marketing from our team of specialists

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