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Our CEO David Smith was recently interviewed by Salon Magazine and discussed the benefits of Trebbly for Salon owners.

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Read the QA from our recent interview with David Smith our CEO and the SALON Magazine and learn more about Trebbly…

Salon Magazine (SM): David, can you give our readers a brief overview of what Trebbly is all about?
(DS) David Smith (DS): Absolutely! We wanted to create a platform that allows salon owners to focus on their passion – serving their clients – while we take care of the marketing side. Trebbly combines loyalty rewards, client engagement, and marketing tools, making it easier for salons to connect with their clients and increase revenue.

(SM) Where did the idea for Trebbly come from?

(DS) The idea for Trebbly came from challenges faced by salon owners. We know that the majority of salon owners are pushed for time. Our mission was to develop a user-friendly solution that streamlines loyalty programs and marketing, giving salon owners more time to do what they love and less time worrying about marketing.

(SM) How does Trebbly benefit salons when it comes to marketing?

(DS) Trebbly takes the stress out of marketing. We create a bespoke loyalty system for the salon, send targeted promotions based on clients’ preferences, and even automate marketing campaigns. It’s like having a marketing team working around the clock for the salon.

(SM) Your sole purpose is to get more customers through the door, how do you achieve this?

(DS) To achieve the goal of getting more clients through the door, hair and beauty salons can effectively introduce a points-based loyalty systems. Here’s how they can achieve this:

**Rewarding Points for Visits** By implementing a points-based loyalty system, salons can encourage customers to visit more frequently.

**Offering Bonus Points for Larger Purchases** Salons can also incentivise customers to spend more during their visits by offering bonus points for larger purchases.

**Sending Points-Based Promotions** Utilising the data collected through the loyalty system, salons can tailor promotions based on customers’ points balance. This personalised approach makes customers feel valued and motivates them to return to the salon to redeem their points.

**Creating Exclusive Rewards** Salons can introduce exclusive rewards that are reserved for customers who achieve a certain point threshold. By offering exclusive benefits, salons create a sense of status, which further encourages customers to earn more points and visit the salon frequently.

(SM) Can Trebbly tailor its offering to each client?

(DS) Trebbly is bespoke to each individual client. With Trebbly, you can expect personalised rewards that are specifically designed for your salon and clients. We understand the importance of your profit margins, and our team always keeps that in mind while designing the rewards program for you.

(SM) Tell us about your target audience, can it be any salon or do they need to be of a certain size?

(DS) We work with 100s of salons uo and down the UK, Trebbly can cater to a wide range of salons, no matter how big or small. Whether you run a small home-based salon or belong to a larger salon chain, Trebbly is designed to meet your needs. We believe that every salon owner deserves the opportunity to benefit from great marketing and loyalty solution, and that’s exactly what Trebbly provides.

(SM) Can you share a success story from one of Trebbly’s clients?

(DS) Of course! Our clients see an increase in client retention and new client referrals after implementing Trebbly’s loyalty app and marketing features. They saw a 20% ROI. It’s great to witness how Trebbly can transform a salon’s growth and success.

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We help salons with marketing. These 3 customers are using Trebbly for loyalty + email marketing services.

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