Why Email Marketing is the most effective form of marketing for salon owners.

There’s a reason my inbox is full of tempting content from the brands I like.

Email is still the place to be if you want to deliver effective marketing to your clients that gets results.

The problem is, there is actually quite a lot to do to get it right, from managing lists to creating regular, great content, and tracking performance.

Here are a few things we do, that you can “tick off” to ensure you are doing some of the vital basics.

🌟Grow list

Sounds obvious, right? But what system do you have in place to ensure you are collecting the marketing data of your clients? At Trebbly we have a ready-made system to capture the data of customers in an engaging way. But there are other ways too.

🌟 Make friends with the list

It’s crucial to ‘warm’ the list. At Trebbly, we use loyalty. It’s a sure-fire way of building relationships with customers who are invested in receiving communication from you. OUTCOME: The most valuable database you can have.

🌟 Talk, often

Here’s the thing. Try to send at least two emails per month. Stay top of mind with useful content and take advantage of this opportunity to make sales in-between appointments and drive additional bums on seats.

We help salons with marketing. These 3 customers are using Trebbly for loyalty + email marketing services.

Hare and Bone, Esher + Fitzrovia Salons

TOCA Salon Group

Priory Hair Lounge

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