7 great ways you benefit from your clients having the Trebbly mobile app



There’s a reason or two the Trebbly mobile app attracts such high engagement rates amongst customers of high street businesses. And there are many reasons how you can benefit too.

Put simply, the Trebbly mobile app has been designed specifically with the ‘high street shopper’ in mind. You will not find unwanted descriptions and images of your business that can easily be accessed on your website. No. Here you will find tools & features that your clients have told us they want to use.

Here are 7 great reasons you will want your customers to have the Trebbly mobile app.

  1. Clients can use the mobile app to ‘check-in’ to your loyalty app, saving the cost of key tags and improving the user experience. They simply ‘scan in’ using the QR code in the app.
  2. Your rewards can be managed from the app. Clients have access 24/7 to your incentives and can redeem directly from the mobile device “in a tap”.
  3. We link to your booking system so that clients can book with you wherever they are, on the go. Simply provide us your ‘book online’ link and your clients now have it in their pocket.
  4. You can reach customers with push notifications, fast & for free. With delivery rates over 97% you will want to take advantage of this powerful direct message channel.
  5. We list all your current offers, promotions and updates, that you have easily created in My Trebbly. This gives your clients easy access wherever they are.
  6. We link directly to your Facebook and Google review page for your customers to leave a review. The fastest way to get a review on the most important platforms.
  7. Your business is promoted on the home screen to all your customers, and other customers in the area.

The more clients you have with the mobile app, the more effective your app notification marketing becomes. Start today by encouraging your customers to download the Trebbly mobile app.

👉 Here is the link: trebbly.com/download

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