Why email remains an important channel for any high street business and how to email your clients via Trebbly

With a customer-centric business, you will often need to connect with customers, in-between visits, with news offers & updates. And for this reason, we recommend email as an important go-to communication method you should make the most of.

Sure, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, have billions of followers between them, and so it’s tempting to put all your marketing eggs in the social basket.

However, no channel can be more personalised, targeted and cost-effective than email. With no other channel can you create such beautiful content and reach an engaged set of customers directly in their inbox and at a fraction of the cost.

The drawback can often be in the process. Absolutely, email can be painful, complicated & time-consuming to manage. Who wants to work templates, source images, style fonts and control a database of users and unsubscribes?  We hear you!

But not here. With Trebbly, we provide a way for you to create and deliver an email in under 60 seconds. Pain-free.

You’ve built the database, have a growing list of Trebbly members who are interested in what you have to say, so let’s reach them together.

We’ve taken the pain away from sourcing images, creating content and managing the delivery of email. With our step-by-step wizard you can create an email and send it to your customers in under 60 seconds.

Try for yourself

  • Sign in at My Trebbly with your business user details
  • Tap ‘Create a post’ & follow the steps to add your title, description and image. Select from over 2 million images.
  • Tap ‘share’ & select email as your delivery method

You can also connect your social channels to Trebbly and post to Facebook, Instagram and Google at the same time.

Oh – and how about sending via app notification for a little icing on the cake.


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