Add some sparkle into your rewards and update on a regular basis

A Trebbly loyalty program is designed to be bespoke and flexible. That’s one of its unique properties, and we recommend all partners take full advantage and update your rewards on a regular basis.

Adding a bit of sparkle to your rewards ladder is a win-win for you and your customers.

They’ll thank you for a new reward or two, something new to redeem and aim for. Maybe you have a change in products or services, or you might like to promote something seasonal? You’ll find an increase in engagement from users and it helps to keep things fresh.

And as a business owner, you will want to update those rewards that are achieving less traction. Or maybe you have a new product or service to promote? Adding a reward or two that highlights an item is a great way of generating sales.

You can keep track of your most popular rewards and the number of orders that have been generated by signing in to Then why NOT create a news update & post it to your customers via Trebbly to let them know about it.

Sounds great, how can I make changes?

We can help you to refresh your rewards. We have thousands of updates under our belt and can help you by suggesting changes to meet your objectives. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit and login with your business details
  2. Tap “menu” > “rewards” & reward your ladder & the number of orders
  3. Contact us here to change your rewards.

Here’s what you’ll find in My Trebbly to help you review your rewards performance

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