Post updates, offers & announcements to Google search & maps, via Trebbly

When you’ve got something to say, you’ll want to do it on as many channels as possible.

Maybe you already use Facebook or Instagram, but did you know you can also post to Google and promote your brand, services, or products, appearing at the top of Google search, Google maps and your Google business profile?

But isn’t it a right pain, to manage yet another app? Well, it would be if you are having to log in to Google My Business, as well as Facebook, Mail Chimp, and any other service you are using. But what if you didn’t?

That’s why we created an easy way to sync Trebbly with Google

Create one post in your Trebbly for business app and you can distribute to Google search and maps, as well as Facebook, Instagram, email and so on, in a tap.

It’s the worlds’ largest search engine, and the place new and existing customers will go when searching for your location and services. You can communicate updates directly to existing customers to give better customer service or promote your offers to get sales.

It takes just a minute to sync to Google with Trebbly, create your post and send. Give it a try!

How to get started

  1. Log in to My Trebbly with your business user details
  2. Tap ‘settings’, ‘menu’ & sync your Google account (you’ll need to login to your Google account during the process)
  3. Now, you can create a post & select Google when sending

Here’s where your posts will appear

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