Manage client loyalty points from My Trebbly

Did you know you can add or deduct client loyalty points with your Trebbly business user access?

It’s so handy, and with easy access via your mobile phone, you can search members and update points right there and then. Great customer service!

Maybe you have a customer who has forgotten to check-in or is in a rush. No problem, just search for the member and add points.

Or it might be that you just want to say thank you, provide some bonus points on their birthday or run a bonus points promotion. That’s possible too, just search for the member and add points.

You can also deduct points, just in case a customer did not redeem. And see stats of total members, most recent members and repeat members.

Simply sign in at any time using your business login details. All your staff can have access too if you like. Please contact us if you would like help to set up.

How to get started

  1. Visit and login with your business details
  2. Tap  “Menu” and “Members”
  3. Search for clients by email or name
  4. Tap the blue cross to open the points panel and enter the points. Use – to deduct points, e.g. -40 to deduct -40 points.

Here’s a peek

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