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It’s safe to say that to build a successful sustainable business in 2022 the relationship we have with our customers will be more important than ever.

And this extends well beyond what we can do in-store.

Since the pandemic began, online purchasing has soared. Food shopping has increased a whopping 94% and the ‘lifestyle and leisure’ sector has seen a huge 47% increase in web and app traffic. Your customers have evolved and have become more accustomed to managing digitally. Yet a whopping 89% of retailers agree their online presence needs improving.

That’s why at Trebbly we remain dedicated to providing ways to connect & engage customers, using digital means, in-store, and in-between visits.

Keeping in touch with your clients when they are not in-store opens many avenues for delivering great customer service and opportunities to sell.

However, it’s not easy. Knowing what to say, when to say it & how to write it can be a painful and time-consuming process to keep up. It take’s planning to stay ahead with important dates & create content on schedule. It takes time to source images and write engaging copy. And distributing across multiple platforms can be, well, a right pain.

And so, we are excited to announce in February 2022 we will launch a new, improved experience for business owners that will help you create great content and connect with your customers accross multiple channels.

We’ll be back soon with more detail.

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