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At Trebbly, we are working hard behind the scenes on ways to improve your ability to communicate with users.  Whether that’s to promote an offer, event or late availability, or it’s to update your customers with a piece of news, new product line, or announcement, we believe having access to message fast and easy is crucial to today’s busy customer-led businesses.

This year we’ve fast developed some fantastic features that already go some way to helping with this. You can use Trebbly to reach customers via multiple platforms in half the time it can take elsewhere. Direct message via app notification to your users, or email, for free and in seconds, and post this message to your favourite social engines at the same time, and even to Google.

So, have your say!

We’d love to hear from you. Is there a messaging feature, or channel, that could help your business? Let us know your feedback!

Simply drop us a line below and let us know your views. All feedback is good feedback and we’ll respond with transparency as to whether it would be for certain, possible or unlikely.

Thanks to you all and here’s to a cracking 2022.

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