Connect Trebbly with Salon IQ for a seamless customer experience



Providing a great customer experience is always core to our thinking at Trebbly.

That’s why our reward program is uniquely designed to be interactive, with your customers able to manage their experience via the in-store touch screen device or the Trebbly mobile app. It is also important to us that we offer a more engaging product than your typical ‘cash back’ or ‘stamp’ loyalty scheme.

Did you know that if you use Salon IQ we can connect with Trebbly?

That’s right. We can sync Trebbly & Salon IQ to create a seamless connection between your management software and the Trebbly loyalty app.

This provides some nice added benefits;

  • Clients can ‘check in’ for their appointment from the Trebbly touch screen device, simply by scanning in using their key tag or Trebbly mobile app.
  • Reward orders are added straight to the bill. Clients simply redeem a reward on the Trebbly touch screen device and this is reflected on the bill.
  • Appointment bookings are shown on the Trebbly touch screen device, so the customer can see what’s booked.
  • You can see the clients Trebbly loyalty points on your Salon IQ client screen.

Want to get started?

It’s super simple to set up. In fact, we do it all for you.

If you have Salon IQ already, all you need to do is contact us here and we will do the rest. We’ll complete the setup, train your team and help you launch.

If you do not have Salon IQ yet and want to look at that as an option for your business, let us know and we will get you in touch with their team. It’s a great choice, we highly recommend the product.

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