How to generate friend referrals from your Trebbly touch screen


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Word of mouth recommendations are a crucial marketing tool for any business. We trust the opinions of our peers more than anything, and so reaching a friend with your marketing can be the most effective form of generating new customers.

Let’s say an average new customer visits 6 times a year and spends £50 each visit, that’s £300 a year in revenue from one customer. And if your average retention rate is 75%, you’ve got a strong stream of repeat revenue from just a handful of customers. So, this “referral channel” is one worth putting some effort into. (Note: Many of you would argue it’s worth more than that; more visits, greater spend or higher repeat rate, but you get the point.).

With Trebbly, we help you generate friend referrals, digitally & tracked.

From your touch-screen device, a customer can select their chosen direct message channel, such as WhatsApp or SMS, and we will send a referral link, for your business, that they can share with friends. The friend and the customer will both be awarded loyalty points as an incentive. We’ll then track the referral and award points when, and only when, the friend ‘checks in’ to your business.

It’s an easy, hassle-free, digital way of encouraging your customers to introduce you to their friends.

It’ll happen naturally as your customers explore the touch screen app. All your customer has to do is “check-in” at a Trebbly device and tap “Earn more points” from the rewards screen.

Or, if this is important to you, why not give each customer a nudge.

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