How to connect Trebbly with your social media pages so you can send promotions and updates to multiple connections


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With Trebbly, you can create promotions, updates, offers.. anything! and send via many connections.

Some connections are created automatically for you, such as email, app notification and the Trebbly platform. You are ready to go with these.

You can also connect Trebbly with your favourite business pages on 3 major platforms: Google, Facebook and Instagram. Once done, any promotions or updates you create can then be posted directly to these 3 accounts as well as the 3 above.

This provides you with a way to send marketing content to 6 different connections in one go, saving heaps of time.

Here’s how to connect

  1. Login at with your Trebbly business details
  2. Tap “menu” & “settings”
  3. Follow the steps to connect Facebook / Instagram and then Google. You’ll need access to your login details for those accounts.
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