It’s even easier to scan-in with the Trebbly mobile app.

More recently we’ve seen a significant shift to usage of the Trebbly mobile app. The changing landscape, driven by the global pandemic, is certainly a driver – users are now more accustomed to using their mobile phones for everything. In addition, we have invested in improving the user experience of the mobile app and increasing features for clients and business owners.

Did you know your users can scan in to collect loyalty points from the Trebbly mobile app? It’s fast, free and super-convenient.

What’s more, there’s a heap of benefits for business owners too.

For a start, you can save the cost of key tags. And customers will not forget or lose their phone (well, we hope not!).

You can reach users via app notification. Did you try it yet? Again it’s free, and you can hit the user with your message right in their pocket, wherever they are. Delivery rates are in the high 90% too so it’s the most effective form of direct message.

Users also like the fact they can see your news and promotions on their mobile phone, anywhere they are. From there, they can claim your offers, redeem rewards, and even link through to your booking engine.

It’s a win-win!

Here’s where your users can download the app

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