Update customers with your availability to fight against no shows and late cancellations

No shows and late cancellations have always been a significant cost of an appointment/booking business, such as a salon or restaurant. The impact is significant and costly.

Unfortunately, in recent times the effects are amplified. There is a change in behaviour driven by the uncertainty and ever-changing climate surrounding Covid. It’s quite possible even that the client feels it is more ‘ok’ to chop and change last-minute.

If you are counting the cost, then you should take action, to minimise the damage and to react. We can help you with that.

You can take important steps to minimise the impact. Bookings should carry a cancellation message, or condition even. And text appointment reminders should be sent, which you can arrange this via your diary management software easily.

And if you are looking ahead to the coming day’s diary, or today even, and can see spots that need filling, then let your clients know about it. With Trebbly, you can reach your members by creating a last-minute available post and send to multiple channels in one go, in half the time it would normally take. Do it all from a mobile phone too, whilst you have your morning coffee, or in-between appointments.

This article will tell you how you can use our ready-prepared recipes with all the content you need to create your next availability update

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