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Helping you to kick start your next promotion or client update


With access to hundreds of promotions and client updates our team is always ahead of the game when it comes to what you could, or should be doing next. We’ll bring you this information so that you know what to say and when.

Find it here on the home screen. Check back regularly!


Short of ideas? Not here! In this library, you’ll find a stream of ideas that really work. We’ve pulled together the best from thousands of past promotions to deliver you a way to kick start your next promotion or client update with ease. Dip in 24/7 and grab some inspiration then follow the steps to build content like a marketing pro.


Events are a great source of inspiration for a promotion or update, and we have an extensive list of events to help spark your next client communication. We’ll provide you with a constant stream of popular events and suggested recipes for you to dip into at any time and kick start that next great idea.

Helping you to create great content & build an update in under 60 seconds.


Helping you to create great content & build an update in under 60 seconds

Promotion recipes

Writer’s block? Not any more. Sourcing or creating your own images, you don’t have to now. We bring you access here to millions of images and text combinations.

You can start with a blank canvas. Or, use a recipe from the library or events tab and our content system will automatically pre-fill your canvas with all the ingredients you need to complete your content with ease.

Description text

Writing copy can be a pain at the best of times. Well now if you start with a recipe, our content system will pre-fill your description with suggested copy, beautifully written and well structured, so your clients really get the message.

Spin through pre-selected text to find the content that’s right for you. Then use as is or edit as you wish.


There are 4 great ways to select an image:

  • Handpicked: Find pre-selected images for the different types of promotions you can create.
  • Stock: Search over 3 million images you can use for free when used in this Trebbly app.
  • Upload your own: Have an image you’ve created? No problem, upload it here and we’ll save it for you in your library.
  • My library: When you save a promotion, we’ll store all your own images here for easy access.

Add a link

We provide several ways for you to include a link so that your client can take action from your promotion.

  • Trebbly checkout: If you use this option we will add a “claim” link so that your customers can claim a promotion. No money is taken and we will email you a confirmation of the customer details when they do this. This is a great way to track customer intent and turn into sales.
  • Book online: If you have an online booking link, we’ll show it here. It’s then super easy for you to select a booking link for your promotions, which links directly to your booking system.
  • Website: Here you can add any link of your choosing. It could be your website, or an online form or survey. Any link is fine. Just add a name/call such as ‘Visit this form’, and the web link.


Helping you to promote to your clients

Select how to send

We’ll help you reach your customers with your message and recommend a combination of Direct messaging and Social media. Simply tap the icons to select the ways in which you want to promote to your customers and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Direct messaging: Choose email and/or app notification. We recommend both for the right impact to ensure your customers get the message in two powerful ways.
  • Social media: Choose from Facebook, Instagram or Google. We recommend posting to all pages as a way to support your promotion, ensuring that the user has in total 5 different ways they can find your message.

Say when

You can now schedule your content with ease, for the time it suits you. Choose to send now, or schedule in advance. Our postman will deliver your message on time!

  • Send immediately: Choose this if you are ready to go. Tap publish, sit back, and our postman takes care of the delivery.
  • Schedule for later: Select a date and time in the future to schedule your promotions to go ahead of time. Our postman will take care of delivery at the time you choose.
  • Save draft: Save for later. Find it in your Diary.


Find all your past and future promotions in your diary. You can make edits to drafts and scheduled items. And you can recreate past promotions. Maybe it was a great success, or you simply need to send it again (by a different service maybe), then you can easily create it again from here.


Keeping track of your Trebbly loyalty programme

See how your rewards are working for you

Here you can find all of your rewards, keep track of the number of clients you have joined, and discover which rewards are most popular. Our team are on hand to help you make any changes. Once you have reviewed here, tap request changes, send over your thoughts and we’ll get in touch to help you put it together.

When making changes, here are a few great things to consider;

  • If you have new services or products you want to promote, include them in your reward ladder. If you make them the first item or two, that can really help to create sales.
  • Try to include items for your customers to try, that can turn into repeat sales. It might be that you offer high-value services or products that are not so common, but your clients would love and repeat on once they get a taste.
  • Consider how you might be able to get a new customer or two. Include a reward for a “new friend” for example, that will tempt the client to bring a friend.
  • An upgrade always works well – get the full payment for a usual service and include a luxury upgrade as a reward. You might even create repeat sales from that.
  • And lastly, include one or two cash items to customers, but ensure that they are for higher points. Clients will want to save up for that, but that’s only great if they are repeating along the way.

Manage client loyalty points

If you’d like to add or deduct loyalty points for your clients, you can do that here. You might want to treat a customer, add points for a special occasion, or maybe they forgot to tap in. Either way, it’s super easy to do.

You can either search by client name or email or select from the list of the past 25 customers that checked in.

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